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New Star Wars 1313 leak reveals the LucasArts Boba Fett game we never had

(Image credit: Disney)

A fresh image from cancelled LucasArts project Star Wars 1313 (opens in new tab) has leaked, seemingly confirming previous reports that the action adventure title was a Boba Fett game all along. 

Posted by LifeByTheSword (opens in new tab) on Reddit, the new image shows Fett exploring the city planet of Coruscant, with a user interface revealing that players would have had access to the bounty hunter's flamethrower, blaster, and explosive grenades. 

Here is an actual in-game screenshot from the cancelled Star Wars 1313 showing protagonist Boba Fett in the underworld of Coruscant ... from r/StarWars
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(Image credit: EA)

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It's unclear where this image has originated from, or if it can even be trusted, but it certainly looks the part, revealing a game that was close to completion, or at least a slice of it, before Disney's 2013 acquisition (opens in new tab) of the Star Wars license from George Lucas led to the shutdown of developer LucasArts, and thus the cancellation of Star Wars 1313 (opens in new tab)

Since then, drips of info have revealed that the main "protagonist" first seen in Star Wars 1313's now famous E3 2012 demo (opens in new tab) would eventually have been killed off by Boba Fett, before switching the perspective to that of the series' beloved Mandalorian hitman. 

Of course, Electronic Arts remains the current holder of the Star Wars license in the realm of video games, with its most recent release - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (opens in new tab) - breaking several sales records for the franchise, with developer Respawn rumoured to already be working on a sequel (opens in new tab)

While we wait for that, though, Disney Plus (opens in new tab) has finally launched in the UK today, so why not check out The Mandalorian (opens in new tab) as the next best thing? 

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