I Am Bread coming to PS4 this summer, let's all raise a toast

Bossa Studios’ bread simulation game I Am Bread is coming exclusively to PS4, developer Luke Williams has announced. Oh, and because it’s a bread game coming to PlayStation 4, the natural way to announce such an event is a rap song inspired by DJ Jazzy Jeff’s intro song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Of course.

I Am Bread’s title really says it all: in this game, you are bread, and you aim to become toast. Players can use each of the bread slice’s four corners to grip objects and surfaces to move across the environment, searching out sources of heat. What you may not have known is that, according to Williams and this new trailer, I Am Bread is actually a prequel to his other (in)famous game, Surgeon Simulator 2013. You know, the game where a clumsy surgeon uses tools like a household hammer to do open-heart surgery.

Sure, makes sense. Why not?

Sam Prell

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