How to watch the Bethesda Joins Xbox roundtable discussion

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Here's how to watch the Xbox Joins Bethesda roundtable that's taking place later today.

Just below, you can watch the full Bethesda Joins Xbox roundtable when it premieres later today on March 11. The full roundtable discussion will be kicking off at approximately 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT, so there's not long to go now until we can see leaders from both Xbox and Bethesda discuss what the deal means for both parties.

Of course, we already know a fair amount of what Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda will mean for the latter. When the deal between the two companies was officially given the green light by the European Union earlier this month, Xbox announced that "some" new Bethesda games in the future would be exclusive to Xbox consoles, but never specified which games in particular.

However, this event isn't focused on news or reveals, according to a tweet from Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg. Instead, this roundtable will be focusing more on the teams and people at Bethesda, and how they're going to be working with Microsoft and Xbox in the coming future, now that the deal can go through.

That being said, the roundtable discussion could reveal which Bethesda games are coming to Xbox Game Pass this week. Earlier this week, when the deal between Xbox and Bethesda was approved by the EU, Microsoft announced that some new Bethesda games would be joining Xbox Game Pass later this week. Since then, we've heard no additional details on which particular games would be joining the subscription service, but that might change today.

You might remember a rumor circulating last month in February that there would be a "showcase" of some sorts, held by Microsoft, focusing on Bethesda's games for the future. This roundtable discussion might not exactly be a showcase, but it's still likely the rumored event where it was claimed that more details about the acquisition would be revealed.

For everything we know so far about one of Bethesda's most anticipated and mysterious games, head over to our Elder Scrolls 6 guide for more.

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