How to get the Spider-Man Remastered Iron Spider suit

The Spider-Man Remastered Iron Spider suit is incredibly cool and you can get it by reaching level 31 and then using a lot of tokens to craft it. This Iron Spider suit looks just like it did when Peter Parker donned it in Avengers: Infinity War, but now it's also part of his wardrobe in Sony’s game, with the same updated design that’s based on the original red and gold Iron Spider from the comics. But don’t get ahead of yourself: like all the other suits in Spider-Man Remastered on offer, you’ll need to reach a story milestone or level to unlock it, and then it must be crafted using tokens. Read exactly how to get the Spider-Man Remastered Iron Spider suit below.

How to unlock the Iron Spider suit in Spider-Man Remastered

Like all the other suits on offer the Iron Spider suit comes with its own special power called Iron Arms, which you trigger by pressing R3 and L3 simultaneously. It deploys four metal spider legs from your back that help you out in combat by replacing your punches and kicks with stabs from the iron arms. They even break the block of melee enemies and those with shields, making it a really helpful power when you’re being swarmed by foes. What’s even better is that you can use this power with any other unlocked suit, as the powers in Spider-Man are interchangeable so you can find your ideal combination. 

To get it will take a while, though, as you need to be level 31 to unlock the Iron Spider suit in the first place. Then you need three base, three challenge, and four crime tokens to craft it. Crime will be the easiest ones to get as just by completing the extra bonus challenges you can get up to three tokens per crime. The base and challenge resources will take you the longest. There’s two ways you could do them: you either complete both an enemy base and one of the challenges perfectly (which includes getting the highest possible score in the challenge and completing all the optional extra tasks in the base), netting you the full reward. Or you do up to three challenges and bases to get the number of resources you need, but I’m going to warn you right now that doing it that way is pretty time consuming. But hey, at the end of it you can sprout iron arms from your back, which basically makes it more than worth the hassle. 

Those Iron Arms are great in combat, so if you need some help with that, be sure to read our Spider-Man Remastered tips. There are plenty of other suits to unlock in the game, including the Spider-Man Remastered Velocity suit, and the Spider-Man Remastered Homecoming suit.

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