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How to get the Spider-Man PS4 Homecoming suit

If you’ve played Spider-Man PS4 game and seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, there’s a good chance you want to know how to get the Spider-Man PS4 Homecoming suit. However, it’s not actually called the Homecoming suit - instead it’s named the Stark suit, but it is the costume Peter Parker wears in the Homecoming movie and Captain America: Civil War. Or you might be thinking of the suit that Peter Parker wears at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which you can wear but is called the Homemade suit. 

Let’s start with the Stark suit: the good news is that it’s is relatively easy to get. Like every one of the Marvel Spider-Man PS4 suits, you’ll have to reach a story milestone or level to unlock it and then spend resource tokens to craft it, which can be either base, challenge, landmark, research, backpack, or crime. 

All you have to do is reach level 10 and the Stark suit will pop up in your inventory. Then it requires one base, one research, and three crime resources to create it. Like most of the other suits it comes with a special power that you can trigger by simultaneously holding down L3 and R3, and the power it has is a little nod to the Homecoming movie: you deploy a spider-drone (adorably called Spider-Bro) that temporarily helps you out in battle by zapping enemies. 

Plus if you get attached to Spider-Bro you can use his power with any other unlocked suit, as all the powers are interchangeable. But to get him first make sure you have enough resources to craft the suit. Getting a research token is by far the easiest bit to tick off. You only need one base resource, which you’ll get by completing one of various bases scattered around. If you want to be super efficient, complete the optional challenges at the base to scoop up potentially three base tokens that you can save up for the suit you want to craft next. The three crime tokens will take a little bit more time (find crimes by pressing R3 when you’re swinging around the city), but if you complete the optional extra challenges associated with each one - like web throwing 3 enemies - you’ll get more than one crime resource for your trouble. 

Now onto the Homemade suit: this one unlocks once you do your first backpack mission and is yours once you find all of the 55 backpacks scattered around the map. They’re all marked on the map so it’s not too tricky, then the Homemade suit is all yours! Unlike the Stark suit it doesn’t come with a power, but you can always pair it up with the Spider Bro and take the little robot with you wherever you go. 

That’s not enough Spider-Man for you? Well, here’s some Spider-Man PS4 tips so you can make the most of your web-swinging escapades and if you really want to you can find out where all the Spider-Man PS4 secret photo locations are. 

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