Far Cry 5 has a secret space gun that catapults bears and liquefies bad guys - here's how to find it

Tired of using boring old guns to fight people in Far Cry 5? You need the Magnopulser, a secret space weapon unlocked by completing missions for the UFO conspiracy nut Larry Palmer. It’s good for two things: sending bears flying and making bad guys pop like eggs in a microwave. 

To get it you’ll have to find Larry Palmer in John's region, at Parker Laboratories left of Fall’s End: 

You won't be able to miss him when you get there as when you first arrive he’s trapped in a massive electrified cage. Free him by turning off the generators and you unlock a new mission strand to help him make contact with his alien friends. 

First you’ll have to reach a radio tower and destroy some ‘listening devices’. (Watch out for a slight case of wolf along the way, as they're bitey.) After that Larry will ask you to fetch some alien artefacts from the nearby crop circle and, finally, you’ll have to reroute the local power supply while fighting off some Eden’s Gate cultists. 

Once all that’s done all you have to do is head back to Parker Laboratories, meet up with Larry and help him activate his teleporter. Then the Magnopulser is yours. It’s an energy weapon with infinite ammo but a tendency to overheat that will send enemies flying and explode them into a fine mist. It’s not subtle but it’s OH so much fun.

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