How long is Sekiro? Here’s how long it took us to beat the main story

How long is Sekiro? If there’s one thing that has been made clear it’s that this is FromSoftware’s most difficult game yet. Sekiro’s focus on posture control, perfect parries and perilous attacks make for a marmite game that can push you away as soon as you start. But is you're thinking of giving it a try wondering about length, let us answer that all important question of how long Sekiro is. 

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Stick around and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in one of the most intriguing stories in a From Software game, as well as a deeply rewarding combat system that is harsh but fair. Just how long Sekiro lasts all depends on how much you explore, how quickly you can push through the extremely difficult bosses, and how much optional stuff you try to take on. 

Looking at my save file, it took me 23 hours to beat the game. I made sure to beat every optional boss before the post-game, and I was actively seeking out collectables for guides, so keep that in mind. This was over the course of five days, according to the achievement I received for the ending I picked up, of which there are multiple! I later went on to spend another ten hours wrapping up all of the post-game side quests and bosses, collecting material and farming for XP and sen.

In asking some of my friends who have also finished the game, Sekiro appears to be in the range of 20-40 hours for completion of the main campaign. The variation largely depending on how much of a completionist you are as well as depending on where you get stuck and how much you like to explore, but that should give you a rough idea of the amount of time you’re going to need to sink into Sekiro to conquer it. For our full thoughts on the game, and if that time is well worth it, check out our Sekiro review.

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