How to crash Metroid on your 3DS with naughty words

Here's a neat trick you can try with one of your free 3DS NES Ambassador games. A Canadian YouTuber by the name of grandmaster101587458 recently discovered that entering a rather unruly password into the Virtual Console copy of Metroid causes the handheld to break down into stuttering fits of madness. Check out grandmaster's video to learn the magic words that cause the 3DS to lose its shit.

This trick is alleged to be a carry-over from the original NES Metroid's anti-cursing code. Inputting it into other emulations or ports also causes all sorts of tomfoolery from full-out crashes to resets. The effects on the 3DS are temporary. However they are long enough to convince friends you've just bricked their shiny new toy.

Metroid was released today on the 3DS Virtual Console with 10 other NES games as part of Nintendo's 3DS Ambassador program. Read our 'how-to' article to learn how you can download them all, assuming you aren't already knee deep in free video game goodness.

Sep 1, 2011

Source: via NeoGAF

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