Hotline Miami hits PS3 and Vita on June 25

Well, Hotline Miami didn't quite make its spring release window (happy summer, northern hemisphere-ers!) for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, but we can't stay mad at it. Publisher Devolver Digital announced on the PlayStation Blog today that the hyper-violent top-down twitchy shooter will hit Sony's platforms on June 25.

Hotline Miami will cost $10, the same as its price on PC, and is a cross-buy title--meaning if you buy it on PS3, you also get it for Vita, and vice versa. Both versions come with trophies and leaderboards, and Vita players can even enable touch-based lock-on targeting if they so desire.

Finally, PS3 and Vita players can unlock an exclusive new mask: Russell, the raging bull. Russell doesn't add alter the gameplay, but he does give Hotline Miami's distorted visual filter a stark monochromatic motif (aside from the blood, of course).

Check out the upcoming Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for more glitzy, gorey goodness.

Connor Sheridan

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