Horizon Forbidden West trailer sets up Aloy's greatest struggle yet

A new Horizon Forbidden West story trailer follows Aloy to her lowest point, while teasing some of the new (or ancient) allies she may find on her way.

The roughly three-minute trailer is our best look yet at the narrative proper for Horizon Forbidden West, which - up until this point - has only been hinted at in bits and pieces. We see the Red Blight and massive storms wreaking havoc on Aloy's home, sending her (and some friends) to the Forbidden West in desperate search of a solution.

We also see hints of a frightening new foe, a hostile tribe led by a rebel named Regalla which also wields the ability to control machines. Just as important, we see the return of Lance Reddick as Sylens, so we really are in trouble now. We had some unfinished business with the wandering researcher at the end of Horizon Zero Dawn, and we're eager to see how that history plays out in this next chapter for Aloy.

After the title drop, the trailer ends with a few quick scenes that turn just about everything else on their head: a golden god-like projection of GAIA, and an encounter with a mysterious figure who seems to have stepped wholly formed from the Earth's mysterious past - or perhaps from another place all together.

After a series of delays, Horizon Forbidden West is still set to arrive on PS5 and PS4 in just under a month on February 18.

Horizon Forbidden West is easily one of our most anticipated upcoming PS5 games right now - if you want to find the best way to play it, make sure you follow our guide to PS5 restock updates. 

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