Horizon Forbidden West sequel was reportedly considering multiplayer elements

Horizon Forbidden West
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

A full sequel to Horizon Forbidden West was reportedly planning to incorporate mutliplayer elements.

Earlier today on December 16, it was spotted that Guerrilla was hiring for a dedicated multiplayer experience in the world of Horizon Forbidden West, which was shortly thereafter confirmed by the studio. Now, VGC is reporting via sources that Sony was originally keen to get this multiplayer feature into Forbidden West, but Guerrilla decided to save it for another project.

This next project that the multiplayer was being saved for was either to be a standalone online spin-off, or a third Horizon game in the Aloy-led series. In fact, Guerrilla today confirmed that a full sequel to Horizon Forbidden West is indeed in development, as a single-player project, meaning that while multiplayer was originally considered for a third Horizon game, that's no longer happening.

A third Horizon game was almost always a given, when considering what happens at the conclusion of Horizon Forbidden West. Just earlier this year in April, in fact, a relatively short time after Horizon Forbidden West first launched, a sequel was pretty much confirmed by Guerrilla games. 

This all follows on from a report last month that a Horizon MMO spin-off was in the works at Korean developer NCSoft. However, it's speculated that this new game at Guerrilla is entirely separate from the NCSoft-led title, so we could see a Horizon co-op adventure separate from the Horizon MMO.

Considering there's still a Horizon TV show still in the works at Netflix, Guerrilla's series is really expanding in several different directions in the coming years, even beyond games.

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