Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores looks so good, fans have fallen back in love with the game's photo mode

Horizon Forbidden West metal flowers
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Horizon Forbidden West players have been having a lot of fun playing around with the game's photo mode now that the Burning Shores DLC is out.

Earlier this week, Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla released some DLC for its 2022 sequel in the form of the Burning Shores expansion. There's been a lot to talk about following the expansion's release, mostly about the fact Aloy was finally given the moment we've been waiting for and just how good the clouds are in Burning Shores.

It seems fans have found another thing to get excited over though, and it's the game's photo mode. Horizon Forbidden West has had a photo mode ever since launch, but now that we've been given new locations to explore and even better graphics in Burning Shores, players have been getting familiar with the feature all over again.

A scroll through the Horizon Forbidden West dedicated subreddit has revealed several recent in-game photos, many of which feature 'Tourist Aloy' who likes to take photos posing alongside a decrepit Hollywood sign - I mean, what else are you supposed to do in post-apocalyptic LA? There's also a number of shots of Aloy on the back of a flying machine gliding through the clouds, and considering just how pretty Burning Shores' skies are, many of these shots are just breath-taking. 

Horizon Forbidden West players have also shared a number of close-up shots of Aloy on her adventures, and the machine hunter has never looked better with those shiny PS5 graphics and Burning Shores' gorgeous warm color palette. We've included some of our favorite shots taken in the DLC below. 

Pictures of the burning shores from r/HorizonForbiddenWest
Some shots in Photo Mode. Can't believe how great this game looks. from r/HorizonForbiddenWest
Clouds from r/HorizonForbiddenWest

In other Horizon news, earlier this week Guerrilla rolled out a new mode for Horizon Forbidden West specifically for those with Thalassophobia - that's a phobia of deep bodies of water for those who don't know. With the new accessibility option switched on, players are free to explore Forbidden West's waters without fear of what lurks in the depths. 

About to dive into the DLC? Here's the full Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores map.

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