How to increase your Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail fast

Honkai Star Rail trailblaze level
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If you want to level up fast, then you need to know how to increase your Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Level. This stat is more than just a number and is important for several reasons, as it is used to unlock further Trailblaze Missions as you progress through the story, and well as dictating when you can enter the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe. In order to increase your level you need to earn Trailblaze EXP, and there are several different ways to do that. Here's the lowdown on how to increase your Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Level, what you can do to gain Trailblaze experience, and, while we're at it, how to tackle the Equilibrium Levels so you can continue to level up further.

What is the Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Level?

Honkai Star Rail trailblaze level

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The short answer: the Trailblaze Level is your main level. While playing Honkai Star Rail, open the main menu and you’ll be able to see your current Trailblaze Level in the upper right corner, as displayed on your player profile. It’s important to increase this Trailblaze Level, as it will unlock more quests, areas, and other gameplay features. The maximum Trailblaze Level is 70. 

The Trailblaze Level is not to be confused with the game’s protagonist, Trailblazer, or the group of travellers on the Astral Express called the Trailblazers. Like any other character, the Trailblazer’s level is upgraded separately from the player’s Trailblaze Level.

How to increase your Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail trailblaze level

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You can increase your Trailblaze Level by collecting experience points, better known as Trailblaze EXP. The most common ways to obtain Trailblaze EXP is by doing quests (Missions) and spending your Trailblaze Power on daily activities. 

Trailblaze Power functions as Honkai Star Rail’s energy system, which means that it needs to regenerate over time. If you want to increase your Trailblaze Level as fast as possible, it’s highly recommended to spend the full stack of 180 Trailblaze Power on Calyx combat each day.

To sum up, these are the best ways to farm Trailblaze EXP in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Missions (quests). The main quests, Trailblaze Missions, award the highest amount of Trailblaze EXP, but keep in mind that they also take a long time to complete.
  • Calyx combat challenges. You’ll receive 50 Trailblaze EXP for each wave of enemies you’ve defeated. While the amount of available waves per day is limited due to the Trailblaze Power system, you can do more than 20 waves (which translates to 1000+ Trailblaze EXP) if your log-in schedule allows it.
  • Daily Training. A list of daily objectives that award 200 to 1000 Trailblaze EXP, depending on your progress. The objectives include combat challenges such as Calyx and the Simulated Universe.
  • Operation Briefing rewards. A list of achievements that award 100 Trailblaze EXP upon completion.
  • Internal Purchase Officer rewards. Buy items from merchants inside Herta’s Space Station, and you’ll receive 60 to 100 Trailblaze EXP upon reaching certain thresholds. 

How to increase your Equilibrium Level in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail trailblaze level

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Upon reaching certain Trailblaze Levels, including level 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65, you’ll find that you can’t improve any further until you’ve reached the next Equilibrium Level. To increase your Equilibrium Level, you need to pass a combat test called the Equilibrium Trial (track the ‘Trial of the Equilibrium’ quest to find its location). Although the opponents are tough, it’s not much different from any other Honkai Star Rail domain.

After passing a trial, you’re free to continue increasing your Trailblaze Level until the next Equilibrium threshold. Note that the increased Equilibrium Level also increases your world’s difficulty level, which means that enemies will get stronger and your rewards will get better.

Trailblaze rewards

Honkai Star Rail trailblaze level

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Increasing your Trailblaze Level does not go unrewarded. For every new level you reach, Astral Express conductor Pom-Pom (the bunny-like creature, see picture) will give you a reward. You’ll have to travel to the Astral Express and speak to Pom-Pom to open the rewards page. 

The rewards vary per Trailblaze Level, but here’s an overview of the most common items:

  • Stellar Jade
  • Credits
  • Light Cone enhancement materials
  • Character Ascension materials
  • Light Cone level-up materials
  • Character level-up materials

And that concludes this Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Level guide. Good luck on your journey, Trailblazer!

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