What are Honkai Star Rail taunt values

Honkai Star Rail taunt values
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Honkai Star Rail taunt values have been a subject of debate amongst players, as the stat is hidden but determines how likely enemies are to direct their attacks towards each member of your team during combat. By having an understanding of how this underlying system works in Honkai Star Rail, you can set up your squad accordingly to help minimize the damage your characters receive, and therefore give yourself a tactical advantage. If you want to learn more, then here's what you need to know about taunt value in Honkai Star Rail.

How are Honkai Star Rail taunt values calculated

Honkai Star Rail taunt values

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Although Honkai Star Rail taunt values are hidden stats, players have worked out the comparative base levels for characters following each path based on observations in combat. Those numbers have been proposed as follows:

  • The Erudition: 75
  • The Hunt: 75
  • The Abundance: 100
  • The Harmony: 100
  • The Nihility: 100
  • The Destruction: 125
  • The Preservation: 150

This distribution makes sense when you consider the general attributes of the different paths, for example with those following The Preservation such as March 7th having strong defensive capabilities, while those following The Erudition and The Hunt including Dan Heng and Herta being more focused on offensive abilities. In addition to these base levels, certain Light Cone Abilities can further increase a character's taunt value, such as Landau's Choice for those on the Path of Preservation.

The higher a character's taunt value in Honkai Star Rail is, the more likely they are to be selected for attack when enemies have their turn for action during combat. You should therefore take this into consideration when setting up your team, by swapping the characters with the highest taunt value to the edges of your group. This will help to minimize the overall damage of any splash and AoE attacks drawn by those characters, as they will spread to fewer nearby team members. You can also consider applying additional defensive moves to protect those characters, as they are more likely to be attacked during the battle.

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