Honk! Untitled Goose Game has come to Fall Guys

Fall Guys
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Mediatonic and House House have teamed up and resurrected 2019's most intrusive goose in Fall Guys.

It might seem like centuries ago, but it was only about a year ago that a mean little goose made its debut in Untitled Goose Game and dominated the conversation around indie games. Now, it's back in the spotlight thanks to its collaboration with 2020's indie darling, Fall Guys.

Three new costumes inspired by Untitled Goose Game are coming to Fall Guys, as well as a Honk! emote with sound effects. The first of the three costumes is the titular fowl itself, featured now in the Fall Guys shop. The other two costumes seem to be the unsuspecting townspeople the goose likes to terrorize, and they'll be added to the store "later on."

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Like the other crossover costumes in Fall Guys, the goose costume will run you 10 crowns: five for the Goose Butt and five for the Goose Head, in case you want to mix and match (imagine a Majin Buu top with a little Goose Butt bottom).

Despite its loud-mouthed protagonist, we haven't heard much about Untitled Goose Game from House House in recent weeks. Back in September, the studio added a co-op mode in conjunction with the game's launch on Steam and itch.io. The game also got physical editions on Switch and PS4 that same month.

If you can't seem to stop falling, do yourself a favor and run through our essential Fall Guys tips to stay in the game and win the crown.

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