Homefront newspaper guide

Golden Gate – 6 Collectibles

1. When the level starts turn to face the helicopter out in the open and turn slightly to the right. There are some more helicopters covered with camo. Walk towards them and turn to the right where you will see a path. Follow said path until you reach a wooden table with two chairs in front of it. The collectible is on top of the table.

2. After the flyby sequence with the bridge it’s time to go after the troops on the ground. One group will be defeated before a tank comes out. Destroy it and then walk over to where it now rests. Look to the right and you will see where the tank emerged from – go that way to find it in a debris pile by the trailer.

3. While climbing up the tower to the bridge you will have a few close range gunfights and go up a set of stairs. When you enter the second stairwell fight the enemies and then go up the first flight of stairs. Go straight forward and look to your left; you will see the paper lying on the second level of the shelving.

4. With some final bursts of violence you will be on top of the Golden Gate bridge. Take up a position and clear out the enemies that are in the way of the convoy. Once all of the enemies are dead go straight across to the other side of the bridge and look to your right. The newspaper is lying on top of the smaller of the two crates.

5. An attack chopper will knock you to a lower level of the bridge, prompting you to fight your way back up. After killing the first three enemies go to your right, kill two more enemies and stop. Straight ahead of you are some blue barriers – jump over these to find the next to last collectible on the ground.

6. During the final gunfight of the game, where you must defend the gun emplacement you’ve just taken from the KPR you can nab this final collectible. From the gun emplacement you will see a nearby tower. Go up the stairs to find this lying on the ground. Grab it to get your last achievement / trophy.

March 21, 2011

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