Homefront newspaper guide

Homefront isn’t exactly the sort of game you would think would contain collectibles to hunt down. But while traipsing through the suburban warzones you can find sixty-one newspapers scattered around the battlefields that reveal more background on how the United States reached the sorry state that it’s in. From headlines talking about the economic crisis in the United States to one that talk about the chaos going on in Asia there’s a whole lot of information to take in if you’re interested in the story they have crafted for this game (and its inevitable sequels).

It is heavily suggested that you go for these on your second play through. By stopping constantly to pick these up you’re not only slowing down a fast paced game considerably, you’re also distracting yourself from the story a good bit. Don’t sacrifice your immersion in the storyline for a bit of extra background fluff. Since the campaign is so short there should be no problem simply starting a new game and getting these, making your second play through more interesting.

Or you could just be an achievement / trophy maniac and go for these and the hardest difficulty ones in a single run of the game.

Note that there are no newspapers in Chapter 6!

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