Hollow Knight Silksong dev indicates we're in for another Nintendo Direct no-show

Hollow Knight: Silksong
(Image credit: Team Cherry)

A Hollow Knight Silksong dev seems to have indicated we probably shouldn't expect the game to appear at today's Nintendo Direct.

Last month in May, Team Cherry marketing and publishing manager, Matthew Griffin, took to Twitter to announce that Hollow Knight Silksong was effectively being delayed out of the first half of 2023. Griffin then retweeted that original tweet earlier today on May 21, the same day of the forthcoming Nintendo Direct, indicating the game probably won't pop up at the new showcase.

As we wrote last month when Griffin announced the delay, the entire Silksong community was pretty chill about the whole thing, accepting the delay as time for Team Cherry to polish up the very anticipated new game. Let's hope those same fans are still feeling pretty chill when/if Silksong doesn't appear at the new Direct later today.

And hey, if Silksong doesn't appear today, it'll hardly be the first Direct it's skipped. Just earlier this year in February, another Nintendo Direct went by without Team Cherry's game making an appearance, and fans were pretty distraught about the whole thing, as it became increasingly apparently Silksong wasn't going to make its original release window.

At the time, a Silksong playtester threw fans a lifeline, saying that the entire dev team felt for the player base. Team Cherry's probably going to be feeling bad for its player base once again later today.

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Hirun Cryer

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