Hitman 3 England location is giving me serious Knives Out vibes

Hitman 3 will take Agent 47 to Dartmoor, England to solve a mystery, according to a brand-new trailer that just dropped. Check it out above.

If you're getting serious Knives Out energy from the trailer, you're not alone. There's been a death in the family at Thornbridge Manor, and although it seems like a suicide, it was a murder. Thornbridge Manor is dark and moody and full of family drama. "You little backstabbing prick," an older woman yells at no one while standing on an ornate staircase. So, we can safely assume she did it. Mystery solved.

"The family has a dark past," the trailer warns, "The manor is full of old secrets. Anyone of them could be the killer. Our target has hired the best detective of our generation to solve the crime. An excellent opportunity to get close, don't you think, 47?" Ah yes, you'll be playing the Benoit Blanc of this story.

The new location reveal is a gorgeous look at the absurdity that is the English upper class. The manor looks packed full of secret rooms, strange memorabilia, and shady family members. Dartmoor, England is a real life location in southern Devon, where the moorland is protected by National Park status. Expect some beautiful landscapes to add to the moodiness… 

Hitman 3, the final story in the Hitman saga, will be coming to PS5 in January 2021, as we learned in the Hitman 3 reveal this past June. It will have "the most intimate and professional contract" of 47's career, so prepare for an emotional ride befitting the end of an era.

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Alyssa Mercante

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