Hitman 3 release date set for January 2021 and it's coming to PS5

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Hitman 3 is coming to PS5 in January 2021. 

Developer IO Interactive showed off the first look at its next assassination game during the PS5 Future of Gaming event with a story trailer and a brief gameplay teaser. It looks like 47 is headed to a cloud-piercing skyscraper in Dubai for one of his next contracts, and finding the best angle on his targets will give new meaning to the old adage of "don't look down".

According to IO Interactive, Hitman 3 will be the final chapter in its World of Assassination trilogy. While Hitman's always been perfectly enjoyable as individual chapters of contract killing, the last two games have spun an extended story of double crossing and underworld machinations around 47's assassinations.

Hitman 3 will have the "most intimate and professional contract" of 47's career, and we saw teasers for both new and familiar characters like 47's handler Diana Burnwood in the middle of the story trailer. The gameplay trailer mostly looked like the usual day job for agent 47: lots of sneaking through backrooms, taking unusual routes, and generally always making sure he's the only one in the room who has any idea what's happening once it all pops off.

While Hitman 3 won't be available quite in time for the PS5 launch, arriving in January 2021 does mean you'll be able to take one last trip into the World of Assassination without too much waiting.

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