Here's what's in the Middle-earth: Shadow of War season pass

Middle-earth: Shadow of War isn’t a small game. Between managing your orc armies, finding collectibles like Gondorian artefacts and sexy spider-lady memories there’s to do, but developer Monolith is all ready to deliver second helpings of Tolkien time with the Shadow of War season pass.

The $39.99 / £32.99 pass grants access to four upcoming pieces of DLC, including two new tribes. In November, you'll be able to fight and recruit the Slaughter tribe of Uruk. In December, you'll come face-to-ugly-face with the Outlaw tribe. Each tribe of orc is visually distinct, with culture, architecture, and fighting styles unique to them. They're fully integrated into the Nemesis system as well, so your next arch-enemy co could be just waiting to humiliate and ambush you. Fingers crossed this tribe doesn’t include an orc with a lute. They exist, and they are the worst. 

In February 2018, you can play as Altariel in the Blade of Galadriel DLC. She’s the cool looking assassin that appears for a few quests in Shadow Of War, but this expansion makes her the star, and adds a new sub-plot to the game In it Altariel deals with the Nazgul leading Mordor's armies. You'll also be able to unlock her as a skin to use during the campaign.

Finally, in May 2018, you'll play as Baranor in the Desolation of Mordor DLC. Another story expansion, this time focusing on the human commander, Baranor. Unlike Talion, Baranor doesn't have a ghost spirit to make him effectively immortal, so I'm curious how this will change gameplay. The DLC will also feature a new desert region, and as with Altariel, you'll be able to unlock a Baranor skin for the Shadow of War campaign.

Sam Prell

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