Here's what happened in the Wonder Woman 1984 Comic Con footage you won’t get to see

Wonder Woman 2, AKA Wonder Woman 1984, only started filming 3.5 weeks ago, but that didn’t stop the cast and crew pulling out all the stops to bring fresh footage from the super sequel to San Diego Comic Con 2018. Director Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine (whose mysterious return wasn’t addressed beyond Jenkins claiming “it’s a very important part of our movie”) were on hand to explain how WW84 isn’t a sequel, but “it’s own story, a different chapter”, and brought a brief look at the film with them. Here’s what went down.

The two-or-so minutes of footage opens with Wonder Woman in full costume, her attire noticeably more vibrant, leaping over a bannister on the top floor of a shopping mall. Immediately it’s clear we’re in the ’80s, from the fashion of passing punters to the garish signage and bright, clean cinematography – a clear contrast to the filmic grain and desaturated colours of the first film. Already it feels like a whole new world for Diana of Themyscria.

Arcing over the railing, Wonders lands in front of a young girl who looks up at her in complete awe, and whispers “Oh my gosh!” receiving a broad smile in return. But clearly Diana is there on business, turning around to find two armed goons closing in on her from behind. Without flinching Wonders grabs the girl, says “hold tight” and slides her along the floor into an oversized teddy, bringing the girl to a soft, safe stop with a giggle.

Her duty of care complete, Wonders immediately turns around and sets her sights on the two pistol-toting men. Dashing across the space in a familiar blink of the eye, she grabs their guns, one in each hand, and crushes them, the camera fixing on the men’s faces as they convulse in pain. But she isn’t done, latching onto the pair with the lasso of truth, and making a bee-line for another bannister in the middle of the mall, leaping over and dragging the two men behind her. Without context for the scene it’s tough to tell what was going on beyond everyday hero duties, but the message was clear: this is a Diana who loves being Wonder Woman again.

In a second, much briefer shot, we see Wonders running down a busy street, against traffic, and at a speed no human could possibly match. Despite the effect appearing a little Twilight-y (and possibly unfinished VFX-wise) it’s a clear homage to the iconic sprint of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and a warm reminder that this character has a legacy beyond the DC Extended Universe.

And that was that. Plot details were thin on the ground otherwise – Kristen Wiig’s villain Cheetah didn’t get a single mention, for one. But Jenkins did explain the thinking behind the move to 1984, saying: “It really was mankind at its best and worst… so there was no better time to see Wonder Woman in a period of time that’s really us at our most extreme.” With the film not releasing till November 2019 it’s going to be a long year.

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