Here's how to give your PS5 a retro feel with a single sticker

PS5 PlayStation logo sticker
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If you ever wish your PS5 could feel more like a PlayStation of yore, or if you just wish it was a little bit less monochrome, we have the easiest non-warranty-voiding mod project for you.

The most prominent PlayStation logo on PS5 is actually an empty space, using the white faceplate and black internal part of the console to create a sort of shadowboxed logo effect. If you want to replicate the colorful PlayStation logo from the days of the original console, you only have to stick something appropriately colorful underneath where the logo goes.

As our colleagues at T3 spotted, several ready-made solutions exist that you can pick up online right now: Etsy has one for $3.16 in the US and one for £2.20 in the UK, and you can just peel the sticker off of its backing and apply it to the proper spot on your PS5. Or you could just print out your own and tape it there, or make a little outline of the shape and fill it in with colored pencils to give it the personal touch - it's all good.

It shouldn't mess with your warranty, since - as our guide on how to replace PS5 panels demonstrates - the plates are designed to be removed and reattached for regular cleaning (and to drop in the best PS5 SSD once Sony enables support for the expansion slot). The trickiest part will just be making sure the colors are lined up juuuuust right so the offset effect properly replicates the original PlayStation logo once you snap the plate back on.

Meanwhile, PS5 owners don't have to apply any stickers or dig out their school supplies to take advantage of the latest freebie offer from Sony and Apple: the companies have teamed up to offer 6 months of Apple TV+ free on PS5, just in time to start watching Ted Lasso season 2. And if you want your PS5's games to look better too, you can check out our guide to the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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