Helldivers 2 patch remedies the mission-crashing bugs that nearly derailed the Automaton war effort's finale, just in time for the next Major Order

Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond diving
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A new Helldivers 2 patch fixes plenty of in-game crashes, after developer Arrowhead had to recommend players let the game "rest" this past weekend due to persistent crashes.

Last weekend, as Super Earth's soldiers were fighting tooth and nail to eliminate the Automaton threat once and for all, many were plagued with in-game crashes. This led to Arrowhead actually warning Helldivers 2 players away from the game itself, in an effort to recover from the crashes with so many people playing at once. 

At the time, an Arrowhead developer explained the crashes. "I just briefly want to say that we're aware of the crashes primarily surrounding extraction/end of mission that currently a lot of you are facing. There's a hotfix arriving very soon that we hope will mitigate this. We should have written a post about this here sooner, but for several reasons we were under-communicative this time," the developer wrote in the Helldivers 2 Discord channel.

Now, on April 9, that hotfix is finally here. The Helldivers 2 update which you can see just below, patch 01.000.202, has nine specific entries in its patch notes for crash fixes. There's fixes for crashes that occur after deploying for a mission, as well as prior to and after extraction, and there's even a fix for a crash that would happen if a squad deployed a "large amount" of support weapons at once.

Elsewhere, there's a fix for crashes that could come about when using "heat-based weapons," as well as when a player would die while using a jetpack. There's finally a fix for crashes that would occur when players had snowball fights with one another, which is something that Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead had to warn players away from last month. 

Finally, outside the realms of crash fixes, there are changes to the way weapons stats are displayed in Helldivers 2. Specifically, weapons will now display how much explosive damage they can inflict on enemies, to give weapons that have high explosive damage "fair representation" in Helldivers 2. This should make the PLAS-1 Scorcher a much more popular gun.

Elsewhere, Helldivers 2 players get a well-deserved gift after taking out the entire Automaton faction (for now): "An extra 1-minute break," minus the time it took to read this

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