Helldivers 2 dev recommends letting the game "rest" to fix frequent crashes as over 230,000 divers fight to squash the Automatons this weekend

Helldivers 2 story trailer
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Helldivers 2's ongoing Major Order has commanded soldiers to finally squash the mechanized Automatons on the western front, but unfortunately, frequent crashes threaten to jeopardize the weekend's operation, and one developer recommends letting the game "rest." 

This weekend's Major Order sent players to liberate the planets of Tibit, Maia, and Durgen. Helldivers 2 players were initially skeptical about their chances of success - especially with new Gunships and factories entering the fray - but Super Earth forces have now spread democracy to two of those planets, with over 18 hours remaining to capture the third.

More than 200,000 Helldivers are currently fighting the good fight on Durgen, a valiant effort that's been slightly disrupted by reports of frequent crashing over the weekend. I've been kicked from a number of missions myself this weekend due to these issues. 

Community manager Twinbeard has now acknowledged the problem and announced that "a hotfix for the crashes is coming" over on the game's Discord, in a message reposted to Reddit. That fix won't be coming this weekend, however, so completing the Major Order might be trickier than otherwise expected. 

"Hang in there or perhaps let the game rest for a while," Twinbeard recommends. "I feel you and glad to hear you love the game, but it will be here waiting even if you let democracy lie for a few days."

Helldivers usually follow Super Earth's every order - tyrannical or otherwise - but in this one instance, players were not willing to comply. "I wouldn't mind letting the game rest for a bit if there wasn't a MO going on," one Redditor commented. "Looks like Twinbeard was hacked by an enemy socialist bot to prevent us from freeing their last planet," another joked. Onwards to Durgen, then.

Victory is almost here - though the Helldivers 2 studio expected “a lot less players” to join the Automaton battle.

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