Helldivers 2, burdened by its own success yet again, calls out Discord for blocking its community manager for "sending too many DMs too fast"

Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2's community manager was temporarily blocked from Discord after being mistaken for a bot.

In a tweet, Katherine Baskin reached out to Discord support to have her account re-enabled, explaining that the multiplayer shooter's wild success had caused her to receive hundreds of DMs per day from players requesting support. In turn, she was trying to respond to them as quickly as possible, but apparently typed and sent replies so quickly she got caught in Discord's bot detector and had her account disabled.

"I just got locked out of my account because of 'sending too many DM's too fast'," she wrote. "The Helldivers 2 server has over 400k people in it and i get 100s of DMs a day about game support, moderation, etc.. can i get my account reenabled pls? sent in a ticket too."

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After some silence, Baskin nudged Discord and pleaded, "Come on, I have work to do." Helldivers 2 creative director Johan Pilestedt also chimed in to alert players of the situation and also join Baskin in badgering Discord to rectify the situation. "Also, total silence from Discord support - which is a different strategy to what we use for [developer] Arrowhead Game Studios and Helldivers 2."

Thankfully, Baskin ultimately had her account restored less than 48 hours after she first reported it blocked, and she was quick to pledge, "I'm BACK and ready to liberate some automaton SCUM."

Helldivers 2 servers have struggled to keep up with the game's massive success since it launched a couple of weeks ago.  After surpassing the biggest PlayStation Studio launches on Steam based on concurrent players, Arrowhead began an emergency hiring spree in an attempt to meet demand and reported its staff was "completely exhausted" but pleased with the busy first week. The latest patch raised the server limit to 700,000 in anticipation of a weekend rush, although the devs have admitted that'll only make wait times "more bearable," not eliminate them entirely.

Helldivers 2's engine was "discontinued" 6 years ago: "Our crazy engineers had to do everything, with no support."

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