After a chaotic first week, Helldivers 2 director says the team is "completely exhausted" but "very, very pleased" with its success

Helldivers 2
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The director of Helldivers 2 says the team is "completely exhausted" by the success of the shooter, but "very, very pleased" with how it's shaping up. 

After an eventful launch that saw heaps of players push the servers to the limit, Helldivers 2 director and Arrowhead CEO, Johan Pilestedt, takes to Twitter to reflect on the past week. "I am completely exhausted by the success. So is the team, many, many late nights, on-calls, emergency meetings, discussions around server capacity, shards, capacity units, CPU utilization, login rates, and CCU," the developer writes. "Tired, but very, very pleased."

Pretty soon after Helldivers 2's launch on February 8, Arrowhead was in "crisis mode" and forced to take the game offline due to server and matchmaking issues. Since then, the developers have rolled out several fixes and doubled the player capacity of its servers, but there's still work to be done - hence why the studio is about to start hiring more staff

With all this in mind, Pilestedt also said in a series of follow-up tweets that he was dreading the weekend "from a technical standpoint" but that "the team has done a fantastic job in ironing out the kinks." Giving a little more context to the current state of Helldivers 2, the CEO explains that the CCU graph (concurrent players) and icons that indicate how well things are performing are currently "glowing with a vibrant green," whereas last weekend a lot of them were bright red and "NOT OK." 

In the replies to Pilestedt's tweets, several fans have thanked the team for their hard work, and asked what the future of Helldivers 2 will look like. When asked about a roadmap, the developer replied: "The team is working on it. Our old roadmap is very out of date in comparison to what we now want to do." The Arrowhead CEO also reassured concerned fans that the team is entitled to a good vacation soon. 

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