Helldivers 2 dev follows in Palworld's footsteps and starts a hiring spree to keep up with player demand

Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2's developer has announced an upcoming hiring spree to keep up with the game's demand, just like Palworld's studio did last week. 

On February 14, Arrowhead Game Studios released Patch 01.000.006 to both PC and PS5 which focuses on the third-person shooter's general stability, Defend Events, and matchmaking. You can read the full patch notes via Steam, but the general updates include things like crash fixes, improved backend connectivity so that there's less of a chance of players disconnecting in missions, and more. 

Since Helldivers 2's release last week, its developer has run into several issues due to the amount of players trying to access the game at one time. Earlier this week, Helldivers 2 dev doubled the player capacity of its servers but told fans it's "still not enough" to meet the demand. Although work is still being done, the team needs even more hands on deck to keep up with the game's popularity. 

On the same day that the latest patch went live, Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead's CEO, tweeted: "With the success of @helldivers2, we are going to start looking for more amazing developers that can help us accelerate and beef up our content plans." The tweet continues: "Jobs will be going up soon, but if you are a senior dev there's always the 'open application.' Enlist today."

This situation isn't too different from what Palworld dev Pocketpair had to go through just last week. Following the success of the monster-collecting survival game - which managed to gain 1.8 million concurrent players just days after launch - Palworld's developer shared that it is desperately looking for new hires to work on the game, so much so that it doesn't even matter what game engine you have experience working in. 

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