How to get Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival tickets

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival tickets are up for grabs right now, meaning it's time to start locking in your plans if you haven't already. The big event will gather Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players from around the world in Indianapolis, Indiana to explore the White River State Park. Once there, players will find special in-game events as well as real-world nods to the greater Harry Potter universe (and yes, you're definitely supposed to take a selfie with them).

Not sure how to get your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival tickets? No problem, just follow this guide from the game's official Twitter account: press the suitcase item in-game, press the events button in the upper right, then claim your tickets. Note that you need to have registered and been accepted for a chance to get your tickets to complete this process - otherwise there's always next year.

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Developer Niantic Games unveiled more details about the event on its official website. The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival will run on August 31 and September 1, though players will only be able to attend one of the days (Niantic says both days will offer the same experience). The event will open starting at 9 am for early access ticket holders and 11 am for general admission, and run until 7 pm.

Once the event is live and you're in the White River State Park, you'll start to see special encounters appear in the game world. As Niantic confirmed before, these will include the world's first look at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite dragons. Though the special in-game content will all appear in the park, you'll need to be a ticket holder to see and interact with any of it - no point trying to sneak in without a ticket.

While you wait for the Fan Festival to kick off, don't forget that you have plenty to do right now in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Back to Hogwarts Event.

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