I recommend this budget controller over the official Xbox gamepad, and it’s back down to its lowest-ever price

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The GameSir G7 SE is one of my favorite gamepads for Xbox and PC. To me, it’s the epitome of why GameSir is one of the best peripheral manufacturers out there. It’s a highly functional, very comfortable pro controller that’s built with anti-stick drift technology, all for a reasonable price.

Right now, the G7 SE has a limited-time deal going at Amazon, and a 12% reduction brings it down from $49.99 to just $43.99. It seldom strays from its MSRP since it’s already so affordable, but this discount brings it back down to the lowest-ever price we’ve seen it at.

For reference, the standard Xbox controller will still set you back upwards of $54 at Amazon, depending on what color you opt for. For $10 less, GameSir’s G7 SE gives you all the benefits of a modern pro controller and the longevity that comes with Hall Sensor thumbsticks. Like a lot of the best Xbox Series X controllers, The G7 SE also has integrated audio controls and two easy-to-use back buttons. There’s a lot of value for money to be had with this deal, particularly because big brand controllers can stretch up to $200. 

I do like the feel of the official Xbox core controller that comes with your Series X or S, but I’m always happier to discover third-party options that offer more bang for your buck. Turtle Beach’s React-R is another great budget option, but it doesn’t have the same customization of futureproofing that the G7 SE does. 

My GameSir G7 SE review even made me ask whether the official gamepad of the Xbox is redundant. If I had the choice of playing with this controller instead, it’d be a no-contest.

GameSir G7 SE$49.99$43.99 at AmazonSave $6

GameSir G7 SE | $49.99 $43.99 at Amazon
Save $6 - On the face of it, this isn’t a massive saving, but it doesn’t need to be to bring the G7 SE back down to its lowest-ever price. This is a pro controller with a budget price tag somehow going for even cheaper. Whether you’re looking for a spare or a more comfortable alternative, this is your chance to grab one on the cheap.

Buy it if: 

✅You want protection from stick drift
✅ You want some back buttons and pro features
✅ You’re on a budget

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You need a wireless controller
❌ You can afford a pad with four back buttons

UK: £42.49 at Amazon 

Should you buy the GameSir G7 SE?

GameSir G7 SE sitting diagonally on a black desk mat

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

Now, I know what you might be thinking. The eggshell off-white color of this controller makes it look a bit like a plain Jane compared to the many hues of official Core controllers on the shelves. Well, let me put your doubts to rest by saying that GameSir designed this pad to be a blank canvas. Like barely any of the best PC controllers I know, it has a swappable faceplate that you can decorate yourself if you so wish. I’ve seen plenty of these controllers painted into different designs online, and there are even official versions you can buy through GameSir’s website if, like me, you have the artistic skill of a toddler.

“But Duncan”, I hear you say, “this controller can only be used in wired mode.” In fairness, you do get a lengthy 3m cable in the box, and in all my time testing it and using it casually, I’ve never found its lack of wireless support to be a dealbreaker. Unfortunately, this is the case for the majority of officially licensed Xbox controllers. In order to secure their green stamp of approval, Xbox says they need to be wired-only. 

On a brighter note, you can use GameSir’s PC app to customize your deadzones, triggers, and vibrations. As someone who tests out controllers of all budgets, paying this kind of money and still getting access to that sort of software is hugely beneficial. Playing with this gamepad on PC for platformers and third-person games is always a delight, and even though it’s what I’d deem a smaller controller, my larger hands never feel like they aren’t being accommodated by the G7 SE.  

I personally love this controller, and if any of my friends ask which cheap Xbox controller to buy, this is first on my list of recommendations. For a product of this quality that came out only last year, it’s very hard to fault it at this price.

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