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Halooo TimeSplitters 4!

Oct 10, 2007

“The greatest first person shooter of all timeback for another chapter” No not Halo, Timesplitters. The team over at Free Radical know a good thing when they see one and have jumped on the Halo bandwagon and created a trailer for TS4 featuring, you guessed it, a monkey in a Master Chief suit.

The developers havestated in the past that they’re “not saying no to anything” in regards to a platform, so it’s possible that Wii owners could be getting a dose of monkey action along with PS3 and 360. Unfortunately the only hint at more details comes from the official site stating that TS4 “will take the first person shooter to gaming nirvana.”

We'd really, really like to see this game launch around Christmas next year, and Free Radical Design’s scriptwriterRob Yescombe has given us hope stating that “The game's not a very long way away but it's not a very short way away either. It's somewhere in the middle.” However, seeing as they’re still recruiting talented folk to work on the game, we’rebeing forced to thinkyou won’t be blasting any next-gen monkeys before 2009.

Check out the videohere, and join us in getting very, very excited

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