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Halo Infinite structure influenced by The Master Chief Collection

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite (opens in new tab) developer 343 Industries has taken lessons from its work on Halo: The Master Chief collection forward into the next entry in the franchise.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed 343's approach to Halo Infinite in a new interview with Polygon (opens in new tab). The studio has recently brought The Master Chief Collection to PC one piece at a time - it's all the way up through Halo 3 now - and that process has been educational for what it means to have a "totality" of Halo lore and experiences assembled in one user interface and platform.

“As 343 has gone through this journey, they’ve seen some of the benefits of not requiring that our customers make a decision between ‘Do I want to play this one or that one?’" Spencer said. "I feel like in a way, the games almost compete with each other. You see that with some of the annualized franchises that are out there - which clearly Halo’s not annualized - but you see that where you spend a lot of energy actually trying to move the customers who are already playing your game to a new version of your game.

"I think as gaming has evolved, there’s a view of ‘Our customers are our customers and we should respect them where they are.’ It’s similar to our Xbox message, and I think you’ll see that in terms of the way Infinite is talked about - even the structure of what the game is itself.”

So Halo Infinite's structure has been inspired by 343's work on The Master Chief Collection. Does that mean we should expect the game to be divided into more discrete, approachable parts? That it will be compatible with future entries? Or something else entirely? We're set to get our first look at the Halo Infinite campaign (opens in new tab) at the Xbox Games Showcase (opens in new tab) on Thursday, so hopefully we'll find out more soon.

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