Halo 3: ODST - Audio Log guide

Next, we’ll head east, then north, collecting the last remaining audio logs on the way to Kikowani Station. First, head back to where you found Audio Log 24 and continue following the high road to your east. Turn right to enter the north entrance of the large plaza and enter the alleyway on the far eastern side of the plaza. You’ll find Audio Log 26 at the very end of this alley, just west of the blocked traffic gate.

From Audio Log 27, just head north through the traffic gate and continue onward until you reach the next plaza. You’ll see Audio Log 28 right in the middle of the plaza in the form of a gigantic Optican Dispenser.

Head west from Audio Log 28 and stay to your right as you round the corner. Just before you enter the large courtyard ahead of you, look for the stairway to your right. Head up the stairway to reach the final audio log on the Mombasa Streets map.

Above: This waypoint will lead you to the stairway to the final audio log in the Kikowani Station area

Above: Head up these stairs to reach the last log on the map

Above: You’re almost done

Now that you’ve collected the first 29 audio logs from the Mombasa Streets map, it’s time to get your final audio log. Exit back to the main menu and select the Data Hive mission. This can be completed on any difficulty level, so we recommend doing it on easy.

After you’ve descended into the area, you’ll run into a mysterious soldier who will escort you down to level 9. If the soldier dies, you’ll miss out on your chance to grab the final audio log. So stay ahead of him and kill all Covenant you encounter as fast as possible to be safe.

Above: The soldier will order you to guard the door. Who does he think he is?

Once you reach the lower icy level, the soldier will excuse himself and tell you to watch out for enemies while he sneaks away to check in on something. Don’t listen to him. Instead, follow him into the laboratory and wait for him to reveal his true mission.

Above: Shoot the soldier. Then grab the Audio Log 30 in the back corner of the laboratory. Congratulations!

Above: Make sure you teabag him a few times to teach him a lesson for being such a tool

Above: Here is Audio Log 30. You’ll also get 75G for the Audiophile Achievement

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