Halo 3: ODST - Audio Log guide

You may have finished the fight. Again. But unless you’ve located every hidden audio log, you’ve only seen a fraction of Halo 3: ODST’s story.

Bookmark this page and check back here often. Because we’ll be updating this guide with maps, screenshots, videos, and detailed walkthroughs to help fill your VISR with every audio visual log so you can find out what really happened in New Mombasa.

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Tayari Plaza

Audio Log 1

After you beat the campaign, you will unlock a new mission called Mombasa Streets. This allows you to explore the entire city as the Rookie with all of the gates unlocked. We recommend that you hold off on collecting audio logs until you can access this mission since gathering them is so much more convenient.

You’ll start off in your Drop-Pod, just as you did during your first campaign mission. Hop down, head to your left, and take your first right down the hallway past the med kits. Turn left and head up the road past the two grunts manning the turrets and continue down the road towards the sound of the car alarm. Recognize this area? It’s where Buck discovered Dare’s empty Drop-Pod. You’ll find the first audio log on the ledge to your left.

Above: We’ll post multiple maps from the VISR to help you throughout this guide

Above: It’s right there on the ledge to your left overlooking Dare’s Drop-Pod

Next we’ll head to a nearby supply cache to grab a Mongoose. This will make acquiring the following audio logs much faster.

Above: We’re going to head to the courtyard marked by this waypoint on our way to the supply cache

Above: Now you’re ready to roll