Halo 3: ODST - Audio Log guide

We’re going to use the Drone Fighter Optics clue near the Uplift Reserve monument in the southwest corner of the map as the starting point for the next few audio logs as we work our way northeast towards Kizingo Boulevard. Before you head towards the ninth audio log, you may want to pay a visit to the supply cache across from the monument to stock up on guns, ammo, and grenades.

Head east, and look out for the discrete door hidden in the corner where the road forks off to your right. You’ll find Audio Log 9 inside.

Above: There’s a supply cache across from this monument

Above: It’s easy to miss this entrance

After you’ve exited the room with Audio Log 9, head north up the ramp towards the closed gate that leads you back towards Tayari Plaza. When you get near the gate, turn around, and follow the ledge on the east side of the road. Hug the wall, and you’ll find another hidden door on your left. Audio Log 10 is right inside in the form of a med kit dispenser.

Above: This is another easy door to miss

You’re doing great. Head through the north gate and continue onward towards Kizingo Boulevard for the next batch of audio logs. It’s a bit a long journey, so check out the video and maps below for reference. You can also use your VISR map and the onscreen hints (by pushing the direction buttons) to head straight towards the Kizingo Boulevard beacon waypoint first. Audio Log 11 is nuzzled up against a wall just south of the beacon.