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Halloween Kills release date delayed to 2021

Universal has delayed Halloween Kills release date from its original October 16 slot to October 15, 2021. Its sequel, Halloween Ends, has been moved to October 14, 2022. In a bittersweet moment, the news was revealed alongside a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming horror flick.

As the prospect of a safe re-opening of movie theaters by October becomes increasingly grim, it's understandable for all parties involved to prefer a more normal premiere. Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter to share her own reaction to the delay, promising eager fans their patience will be rewarded:

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John Carpenter, director of the original 1978 classic and executive producer on Halloween Kills, issued a statement on the delay, which reads in-part: "We write this to you heartbroken over the fact that the delay of our film is even a discussion, but if there's one thing that a career in the film industry has prepared us for, it is the unexpected." 

The statement goes on to say that releasing the movie in October of this year would make for a "compromised theatrical experience." Instead, Halloween Kills will get the IMAX treatment and release a year later. The full statement can be seen below:

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As for the new trailer, it seems to pick up directly after the conclusion of 2018's Halloween, with Michael Myers seemingly rescued from a burning house while Laurie Strode screams in protest.

Halloween co-writer and director David Gordon Green is returning to direct Halloween Kills and its sequel, with Danny McBride and Scott Teems co-writing.

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