Halflife: Counter-Strike Cheats

Halflife: Counter-Strike Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by dextermariusT

    Hyper auto-aim

    First, type "sv_cheats 1" on the tilde key(~)then press enter. Then, type "sv_clienttrace 9999" then press enter to become hyper auto-aim. To bring it back to manual aim type "clienttrace 0000"

  • PC | Submitted by S?ren

    C4 timer to 10 sec

    To set the timer type in your console
    sv_cheats 1 and then type mp_c4timer 10

  • PC | Submitted by LeGaSSi

    Go To Map

    After activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change gravity with changelevel . Example changelevel dust

  • PC | Submitted by LeGaSSi

    Speed Upgraded

    o upgrade the speed of your movements in CounterStrike,go to your console and type
    cl_forwardspeed 999. Repeat this with
    cl_sidespeed 999 and cl_backspeed 999...
    This will make your movements faster than ever&

  • PC | Submitted by LeGaSSi

    Adjust Gravity

    After activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change gravity with sv_gravity

  • PC | Submitted by [V.I.P]CH3ST3R

    Brighten Surroundings

    sv_cheats 1 and then type lambert-1.0001

    Bleed and No Damage

    sv_cheats 1 and then type impulse 102

  • PC | Submitted by S?ren

    Auto aim only to sniper rifles

    Type this in your console
    sv_cheats 1 and then type sv_aim

  • PC | Submitted by [V.I.P]CH3ST3R

    CS Cheats & Tricks

    to show graph:
    type net_graph 1 to the console. 0 to default
    to change the crosshair colors:
    type adjust_crosshair on the console. there are 5 colors on the crosshair.
    to disable crosshair to scope:
    type crosshair 0. 1 to show.
    to whiten all surroundings (change graphic resolution to 800x600 or higher)
    type r_lightmap 1 on console

  • PC | Submitted by iony

    See Thru Wall

    sv_cheats 1 and then type type gl_zmax 100 to turn off type gl_zmax 5000

  • PC | Submitted by J. Navin

    Look Through Wall,Records

    Use the console first then type the following codes:
    gl_zmax 0 = Look through walls like that gadget in the latest James Bond movie.You could use an AWP and kill the enemy through the wall which is sheilding him.
    gl_zmax 3600 = To disable the cheat above.
    cl_hidefrags 0 = To see other peoples records of kills and deaths.
    Have fun..

  • PC | Submitted by Seifer Almasy

    Money and Weapons

    To get 16000$ which is the max, sv_cheats must be on. So type in the following in your console:
    sv_cheats 1
    This will enable the cheats. After activating you must restart the level/map. Then type in impuse 101 in your console and you will have 16000 dollars!
    The other code is for the weapons. I dont want to take all the time to explain all the weapon names because if you already play Counter-Strike alot you should know the weapons/weapon code names. to get the weapons you must have the cheats activated once again sv_cheats 1.
    then type in your console
    give weapon_
    i suggest you bind them to 6 keys you dont use. for all the different categories