GTA Trilogy trailer is the 20th anniversary present we've been waiting for

The GTA Trilogy trailer is here, alongside a host of details about what to expect from the remastered trilogy when it launches later this year.

After the GTA Trilogy release date of November 11 was discovered earlier today, Rockstar dropped the first official trailer for the collection, which you can enjoy at the top of this story, which showcases the game's improved visuals.

According to a Rockstar press release, these improvements include a resolution upgrade, a rebuilt lighting system that will see improved weather, shadows, and reflections, alongside "upgraded" character and vehicle models, as well as increased draw distance, so all three games look crisper than ever without sacrificing their original aesthetic. 

Outside of the graphics, the rest of the games are getting a major overhaul to how they handle. Rockstar has confirmed that "new GTAV-inspired modern controls" will be part of the package, which should allow players to feel more at home in the older versions of Los Santos and Liberty City, while improvements to targeting, enhanced mini-map navigations (we're praying for later GTA's sat-nav inspired approach), updated weapon and radio wheels, as well as Gyro aiming for the Nintendo Switch version of the trilogy. 

Alongside the trailer, we also got a look at three new screenshots of the cities we've all spent countless hours causing chaos in just below. Vice City, in particular, has our teenage memories flooding back. 

With GTA 3 celebrating its 20th anniversary today, it's little surprise that Rockstar is using the date to bring us a fresh look at its remastered collection. The only question is, will you be downloading immediately on November 11 or waiting for the physical release on December 7 when GTA - Definitive Edition heads to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.  

Rockstar has also confirmed that GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition will be heading to Xbox Games Press on November 11.

Ben Tyrer

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