GTA San Andreas: Tribes go to war

The steady drip, drip, drip of GTA San Andreas info continues as Rockstar squeeze out yet more fact-droplets from their ghetto superstar. This time, their latest spurt reveals not only which mobs populate Los Santos but also what CJ will need to do to fit in.

Out have gone the cartoon Cosa Nostra and the Hare Krishna bumper-fodder of the old games to be replaced by as serious selection of original gangsters, based on the west coast mobsters of the '90s.

So now rolling with a crew means more than completing missions - you'll need to wear the right colours, have the right tattoos and learn the right hand signs (using the game's new individual finger simulation technology, natch). But showing too much of each could alert rival gangs or even the police and in the wrong part of town that is an invitation to a drive-by. But at least you'll know what not to wear once you glance below at our guide to the gangs...

Orange Grove Families
Dressing primarily in green, the OGF were once the most powerful gang in Los Santos but now they find themselves surrounded by the Ballas and divided by in-fighting. Luckily, CJ has returned with the intention of reuniting the families.

Temple Drive Families
Also a fading force in Los Santos, the TDF are friends to CJ and his crew, protecting them from the cops and any rival gangs who might follow him up to the northern part of the city.

Seville Blvd Families
Under pressure from the Aztecas and Vagos, this family clings on to the south-east beach area. Like the Temple Drive Families, they'll support CJ but trouble between the three Families is brewing...

Front Yard Ballas
These brutal drug dealers control Jefferson and have a fierce rivalry with their near neighbours the Orange Grove Families.

Rollin Heights Ballas
Currently expanding from their uptown Glen Park base into Idlewood, this gang backs up the other Ballas and, like David Icke, they wear mostly purple.

Los Santos Vagos
These yellow-clad Latinos already own Las Colinas and Los Flores and look set to embark on a turf war over east Los Santos, which is squarely between OGF and Ballas territory. They can be identified by their taste for large religious tattoos.

Varrios Los Aztecas
Sporting light blue gear and driving lowriders, this Latino gang is based in the south of the city around Little Mexico. Their greatest rivals are the Vagos but CJ's sister Kendl just happens to be seeing Cesar of the Aztecas.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for PS2 on 29 October, with a PC version set for mid-2005