GTA: San Andreas - Los Santos exposed

Rockstar have today released yet more new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and this time they give us a good look at Los Santos, which is inspired by Los Angeles and one of three cities in the game.

Los Santos is actually the home town of the game's main character CJ, who grew up in a poor neighbourhood called The Grove where, after he returns from Liberty City, he meets up with his old gang the Orange Grove Families. This is where the game begins, with CJ battling to regain control of his crew.

Elsewhere in Los Santos is a Santa Monica-based district called The Beach (this is where the is located), which also houses a pier and amusement park. Vinewood, fairly obviously, is based on Hollywood and, as you can see, there's even a massive Vinewood sign featured in the game. You'll also recognise the Vinewood walk of fame and the Mann's Chinese Theatre-based Cathay Theatre. Meanwhile, Rodeo (the screenshot featuring the red car) is home to Beverly Hills-style boutiques and overpriced department stores. Very handy, we're sure.

The downtown financial district is typified by towering skyscrapers and also includes the and a building that looks uncannily similar to the Capitol Records tower.

The quickest way to make it from one part of the city to another is via the massive complex of freeways which, fortunately, aren't quite as jammed with traffic in the game as they would be in reality. And, with the new inclusion of numerous street signs, you'll now have no excuse for getting lost either. It also appears as if you'll be able to hop on trains to travel between cities.

We'll have loads more on San Andreas later this week, including the first ever shots of CJ swimming (!) plus an exclusive look at the game in action.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for PS2 on 22 October