How to start the GTA Online Last Dose missions

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The much-anticipated GTA Online Last Dose missions have now arrived, to send you further down the rabbit hole of drugs, deceit, and the dark secrets of the pharmaceutical industry. By working your way through these five assignments, you'll complete the Los Santos Drugs War storyline that's currently running through GTA Online, as you battle with Dr Isiah Friedlander and his psychedelic schemes. As this is a continuation of the existing content there's no big update to download, so you just need to receive the call from Dax and you can get started on the Last Dose missions in GTA Online.

How to start the Last Dose missions in GTA Online

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To start the Last Dose missions in GTA Online, you need to have completed all six of the First Dose missions already – if you haven't done that, then go and visit Dax at The Freakshop to take care of business. With those out of the way, you'll receive a phone call from Dax to go and meet him, which will then set the Last Dose missions into motion. There are five of these, as follows:

  • Last Dose 1 - This is an Intervention
  • Last Dose 2 - Unusual Suspects
  • Last Dose 3 - FriedMind
  • Last Dose 4 - Checking In
  • Last Dose 5 - BDKD

Some players have reported initial problems when starting the GTA Online Last Dose missions, whether that's not receiving the call from Dax, or heading to the first mission marker then finding the prompt to begin it is unresponsive. If either of these are affecting you, then try switching to new sessions or reloading the game – be patient, then eventually you'll get the call and be able to start the new missions. This teething issue with the new content should be resolved soon.

What are the GTA Online Last Dose rewards

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For beating all five of the GTA Online Last Dose missions (along with the previous six First Dose missions) as host, your reward is the Ocelot Virtue belonging to Dr Friedlander, which is one of the upcoming GTA Online new cars and unavailable elsewhere at the time of writing. During the Last Dose event running through March 29, you can also earn the following mission rewards:

  • Complete Last Dose 1 - This is an Intervention: Floral Guffy Pool Sliders
  • Complete all Last Dose missions: Lime Leopard Slab cap and Canvas Shoes
  • Resupply your GTA Online Acid Lab and complete a Sell mission: Black Enema Flourish Ski mask
  • Complete a GTA Online Stash House: Teal Enema Flourish Ski mask

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