How to get the GTA Online Finder's Keepers random events

GTA Online Finder's Keepers
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GTA Online Finder's Keepers random events have begun spawning around Los Santos and Blaine County, and they provide a way of stealing fresh supplies for one of your businesses – or a cash and RP bonus if you don't own the appropriate enterprise. They have been added as part of the GTA Online Independence Day celebrations, which means they may only be available for a limited time, so get searching for them now if you want to have the full experience. If you're primed for a hijacking, then here's everything you need to know about Finder's Keepers in GTA Online.

Where are the GTA Online Finder's Keepers events?

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There are a total of seven locations where GTA Online Finder's Keepers events can spawn, with each featuring a different business and type of vehicle to hijack:

  1. Meth: Gang Burrito
  2. Acid: Paradise
  3. Cocaine: Caracara 4x4
  4. Document Forgery: Patriot
  5. Counterfeit Cash: Dubsta
  6. Bunker: Vetir
  7. Weed: Landstalker XL

Note that as these are random events, you may need to spend time rotating between the different locations to get one to appear. Players have reported starting Finder's Keepers events in both Public and Invite Only lobbies, though apparently you need to have been there for at least 16 minutes before they begin to spawn so you should stay in the same session while looking for them.

How to complete Finder's Keepers events in GTA Online

GTA Online

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If you get one of these GTA Online Finder's Keepers events to spawn for you, then you'll see a blue blip appear on your minimap when you get close to the location. Catch up with the vehicle and use a drive by attack to take out the driver, possibly with the Tactical SMG new GTA Online weapon. Take control of the ride, then lose the cops chasing you, after which you'll be directed to a drop-off location for it. If you own the type of business the gear you've stolen is associated with then you'll resupply it, or if you don't have that particular criminal enterprise then you'll receive 2,000 RP and GTA$50,000 instead.

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