GTA Online adds new ocean Stunt races and a massive offroad truck

Rockstar has pushed out its third update for GTA Online's Cunning Stunts expansion, pouring five new races and three new cars onto the stunting fires. We're still a week out from player-created stunt races entering the fray, but Rockstar has plenty of new (and occasionally inverted) ground for you to cover.

Here are the five new races, bringing the total number of Stunt Races up to 27.

Bike races

Over the Bridge - This point-to-point race over the Los Santos docks has jumps galore. Time to work on your air control.

The Wave - Outrun your opponents on a race down the San Andreas coastline, and try not to fall in.

Car races

Chiliad (Super) - You'll race all the way over the top of the tallest point in GTA Online, assuming you don't go careening down the slopes.

Vespucci (Super) - A super car is the perfect way to see all the sights of the Venice Beach equivalent, especially when you have a floating race track to skip parking lot traffic.

H200 (Sport) - No boats are required for this seafaring race, though you will need steady nerves to keep from ending up in Davy Jones' locker.

And here are the three new cars on offer. Note that the MTL Dune is a very large truck indeed and can't live in your garage. You'll need to get Pegasus to drop it off for you.

Vapid Contender - $250,000
MTL Dune - $1,300,000 / $1,385,000

Bravado Sprunk Buffalo - $535,000

Log in at any point between now and Monday, August 1 and you'll be rewarded with the Gold Jumpsuit, and you can take 20 percent off all Respray and Neon kits for your vehicles. Elitas Travel is also offering a 30 percent discount on the Volatus helicopter and Buckingham Nimbus jet.

From Wednesday through Friday all Stunt races will award double GTA$ and Reputation Points. And from Friday through Sunday you can take part in Premium Races on the new H200 track. You'll have to ante up to play, but you'll win a solid GTA$100,000 if you take first place.

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