GTA Online gets 6 more Cunning Stunt tracks and 3 new vehicles

GTA Online's Cunning Stunts expansion, which went live last week, got an update of its own today with a bunch of new tracks and a trio of additional vehicles. The six new race courses set players speeding up, down, and over more San Andreas sights, including Los Santos skyscrapers and the slopes of Mt. Chiliad.

First off, here are the six new tracks, bringing the total number of Stunt Race maps up to an impressive 21 (granted, that will increase exponentially once the Stunt Race Creator goes live on August 2).

 Bike races

Afterburner - A cinematic race over the city at night, complete with fireworks and flaming rings.

High Flier - Put on your Superman tights and go soaring around and over nearly every skyscraper in the Los Santos skyline.

Forest - Go off-roading through tight trails and some gut-clenching jumps. 

Car races

Double Loop (Super): The easiest way to do barrel rolls over Fort Zancudo without getting shot down by rockets.

Trench II (Muscle): Go shrieking down a narrow canyon in the Grand Senora desert. Stay on target… 

Zebra (Sports): Go point-to-point as you scale Mt. Chiliad and endure death-defying vertical drops. 

Already bored of your $2-million plus super cars from last week? You can pick up all three of these new rides for a little bit more than you spent on that Progen Tyrus.

Ocelot Lynx for $1,735,000
Declasse Drift Tampa for $995,000

Western Cliffhanger $225,000

And in less expensive news, you'll get a Silver Jumpsuit and matching helmet just by logging into GTA Online any time from now through Monday, July 25. You can also take advantage of a 20 percent discount on aesthetic car mods like tire smoke and properties with garages.

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