GTA 5 Stunt Jump locations guide

South Blaine County

6: For this jump, you’ll need to hop over the motel in Sandy Shores. Just to the north of the motel there will be a ramp that you need to hit with a fast motorbike. Clear the motel and land either in the pool or past it to clear.

7: Drive to the small building just south of the Sandy Shore airport and stop at the top of the road leading to it. Turn around and head south and drive up the ramp at the bottom and over the large white rock there.

8: Drive to the south of the prison and up to the cliff overlooking it. Drive off the ramp and land inside the prison.

9: Head south on the Senora Freeway and take the upper route. Drive to the left side of the road and onto the dirt. Hit the ramp just before the overpass and land under it.

10: Drive to the dead end at the wind farm that faces west. There is a ramp there with a windmill in the center. Drive off the left side and go over the train and land on the freeway below.

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