GTA 5 Michael actor reacts to the GTA 6 trailer: "There's some big asses in there. I mean a lot of 'em. Almost every ass in that trailer, other than the male asses, is big. Big!"

GTA 6 Ned Luke reaction
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Ned Luke, best known to many as Michael in GTA 5, was among the fans most excited for the GTA 6 trailer. In a two-hour watchalong and react stream on his personal YouTube, the voice actor shared his thoughts on the long-awaited open-world follow-up, and boy were a lot of those thoughts about butts.

"What's something that really surprised you with this trailer the most?" Luke says, reading a question from his chat. With no hesitation, he answers: "How big the asses are. That's surprising. There's some big asses in that trailer. I mean a lot of 'em. Almost every ass in that trailer, other than the male asses, was big. Big! That surprised me because, you know, Miami's got some not-big asses too. We'll see." 

Later in the stream, he weighs in on the game's graphics more generally, but the intrusive thoughts soon win again. "This is what I thought was super cool, man," he says, pausing on one section of the trailer. "When the flamingos launch. Those things look so real. They're the real deal. That's way better than the birds and stuff that we had in our game, I think."

"Then it cuts to the beach," he continues. "There's a big ass, there's a big ass and thighs, there's a big ass, there's a huge ass with a thong on, there's another big ass over there. There's one – I'm lookin' to see – there's a huge ass with a thong on. And we're in the boat. Every ass is huge. I gotta talk with these guys, we gotta get some not-huge asses in there. Not everybody loves a big massive butt. Some people like a smaller one, narrower hips, smaller butt."

You might be wondering why he's so hung up on hips. Well, so were some folks in Luke's chat. "'Why is he paying attention to that?'" he reads aloud. "Paying attention to what? Booty? I just think it's interesting. I think it's interesting that every single one has a massive rear end. I just think that's interesting. It's like there's a serial plastic surgeon giving BBLs to every woman in Vice City." 

Luke also fielded takes from some unsavory folks in chat throughout the stream. "We've got one fan, he doesn't think GTA 6 is gonna beat GTA 5 and he's not a 'woke' fan," Luke says. "I don't understand that. Not a 'woke' fan? Why, because there's a female protagonist? What's that got to do with fuckin' being 'woke'? Doesn't have anything to do with it. There's been female badasses for a long time. Long time. That's kind of a dumb statement." 

I am particularly struck by Luke's curiously in-depth ass assessment, but to be fair, most of the stream was not about butts. Altogether, he reckons GTA 6 looks "amazing," and expects the game to "blow GTA 5 away." 

"Frankly, personally, I can't wait," Luke says. "I can't wait for us to get blown away. I like to see stuff advancing. I like nostalgia, but I'm not a big nostalgia guy. 'We're so much better, our era was way better than yours.' Man, haircuts when I was in high school were so stupid." 

Like many Rockstar staffers and game developers across the industry, Luke commented on the leak that pushed the trailer live early: "That's what sucks about guys who pull bullshit like that. They ruin it for the people who have been looking forward to this forever."

Being a long-time GTA fan, Luke has some theories and hopes for the GTA 6 story, too. He singles out the end scene with protagonist Lucia emphasizing "trust," and wonders, "is that a sign that in the story they're gonna get away from the satire and more to the GTA 4 kind of story, more of a serious feel. I don't want to say dark, because to me GTA 4 was kind of dark, but they might be." 

Our list of the five most impressive things about the GTA 6 trailer praises its body diversity, with our own Sam Loveridge calling it "quite the showcase of curves and pecs, with not a comedy fat wobble in sight." You can also check our GTA 6 trailer breakdown for 12 things you might've missed. 

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