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Green Hornet set pics surface

Now that The Green Hornet is finally in production, the first pics from the set have begun to appear, allowing us a look at Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz in the film.

Rogen's sporting his slimmed-down, yet still slightly stubbly trademark look as playboy publisher Britt Reid, while Diaz goes sleek and suit-classy as Leone Case.

The big question we have is - what's going on in the last pic? Does some sort of attack happen during the press conference? Does Reid get bad news?

Also pictured is Jay Chou's stunt double, in costume as Kato, driving the Black Beauty.

While the pics aren't amazing just yet - they do serve to prove that this thing might actually see the inside of a cinema (possibly up against Tron: Legacy) next year…

[Source: Crazycritics / Superhero Hype ]

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