Grand Theft Auto: Vice City coming to mobile

Limber up, because soon you'll be able to do the Lance Vance Dance anywhere you have your mobile device. That's right: Rockstar Games today announced it's bringing Vice City, that most decadent and neon-colored of Grand Theft Auto games, to iOS and Android devices this fall in celebration of the game's 10th birthday.

The Anniversary Edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will tote high-resolution graphics and "several enhancements unique to the iOS and Android platforms," Rockstar announced on its blog. While it stopped short on details there, Vice City will likely feature similar customizable controls and auto-targeting as Grand Theft Auto III's smartphone incarnation, as well as reduced or non-existent load times between islands.

Rockstar also plans to release never-before-seen artwork for the game, a new trailer, and collectible items for the game on its company store and in giveaways.

Meanwhile, we're officially having double nostalgia, both for the game and the bygone era it lampooned. As long as it has Maurice Chavez we'll be happy.

Connor Sheridan

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