Grand Theft Auto V protagonists revealed

GTA 5 will have three different protagonists. The characters were revealed as Game Informer's cover stars for its December issue, with more information planned when the outlet puts the edition online for subscribers later today.

The three characters--an unhygienic sort of middle-aged white guy, a determined looking young black guy, and the presumed East Coast gangster trying to mend his ways--have all been featured in trailers, screenshots, or promotional art for the game before, but this is the first time they've been confirmed as the stars.

Game Informer promises to reveal the "groundbreaking way players will use" these characters, who appear to be on their way back from a heist with bags full of cash. Will we see a Reservoir-Dogs style campaign, jumping between our three anti-heroes as they organize and carry out a big score?

It looks like we'll soon find out.

Connor Sheridan

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