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Grab an Amazon Echo smart speaker for up to 50% off - making it even easier to stay in touch

Amazon Echo Show 8
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We're living in strange and unprecedented times right now, and staying in touch with loved ones is more important than ever. Amazon has just made that a whole lot easier by slashing the prices on its Echo Show smart screen devices that can make video calls as well as offering a host of other useful features, like playing video, showing of handy info like the weather on-screen, and controlling your smart home. They're basically everything you love about the Alexa smart speaker with added screen-specific features. 

Both the compact Echo Show 5 and the slightly more sizeable Echo Show 8 have dropped to prices that rival the Black Friday discounts we saw last year, making them a must right now. The devices are especially useful for family members who aren't very tech savvy - they can just talk to the device to communicate what they want and you can stay in touch easily with video calls. 

The Echo Dot (3rd gen) and the Echo Dot (3rd gen) with the lovely-looking LED clock display have also had their prices dropped, so if you're already set up for video calls and are looking for a decent smart speaker, both of these devices have packed everything you need into their tiny little design. Check out the details below. Most of the offers are for the UK, but we've just updated with some similar US deals further down the page too.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 | Was: £79.99 | Now: £49.99 | Save:  38% (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)Amazon's smart screen combines its digital assistant Alexa in a compact form factor with a five-inch screen and a decent pair of speakers, allowing even the smallest of studios to benefit from a smart hub with a small footprint to control all of the smart devices in your home. This price is the same as the Black Friday deal, which is an insanely good deal! It has a built-in camera cover in case you don't trust the mic/camera off button for extra peace of mind.

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Amazon Echo Show 8 | Was: £119.99 | Now: £59.99 | Save: 50% (opens in new tab)
This huge price drop on Amazon's eight-inch smart screen lets you pick up the eight-inch device at such a low price that if you can afford to drop an extra tenner it costs compared to the Echo 5 right now, or are looking for a slightly bigger screen, it's worth investing in. At this price, you and your family can grab one to stay connected in a much more personal way.

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) | Was: 49.99 | Now: £29.99 | Save: 40% (opens in new tab)
For those who have their video calling needs covered with their phone or alternative device (or just prefer old-fashioned phone calls - remember those?), there's the Echo Dot. A more compact Echo, it has all of the same functionality - like a music player, smart home controller, and font of knowledge thanks to the Alexa - at a snip of the price.

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen) with clock | Was: £59.99 | Now: £39.99 | Save: 33% (opens in new tab)
This little device does exactly what it says on the tin - it's an Echo Dot with a clock! The smart speaker is kited out with an LED display so it looks just as home on your nightstand as it does in the kitchen. Unlike the Dot, it's only available in one colour, but luckily it's an unobtrusive shade that'll go with anything.

Currys PC World is also running a deal on the Echo Show (opens in new tab) and Echo Dot (opens in new tab) devices, so if Amazon's stock starts running dry, you've got a back-up. The Amazon deals extend to US customers too, and you can find the links for those below.  

Amazon US Echo Show and Echo Dot deals

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